• Novus

    So I was banned for the server and I can see the reason for it, Can someone please take all the items out of my inventory please? If ur not able to, I understand, but I kinda had some real important stuffs in there. Get back to me if u can. K Thx 4 de awesome server <3.

  • Administrator

    @tmax_hand You have been banned because related to you joining, the server constantly crashed. We believe that you seemed to try the same thing over and over again.

    But no worries, you have only been temp-banned. We want to keep all players as long as they collaborate with us.

    If you get back on the server don’t re-do what you did before which crashed the server.

    Let me know via chat (here in the forums) what you think crashed the server.

    See this as a warning.

    Best regards


  • Novus

    That is the whole thing I don’t KNOW what it is that crashes the server, but i’ll try and figure it out.

  • Administrator

    @tmax_hand okay! Thanks for your understanding and help.

    Let us know what you might think of has caused the crashes.

    ~ Bent