<accepted> Rocknote's Staff Application

  • Below are my responses to the application questions. I’d like to thank you in advance for taking your time to review my application.

    How much time can you dedicate to the server: 2.5-3.5 hours a day

    Minecraft Username: rocknote

    Age: 18

    Name(optional): Dylan

    Why do you want to be staff?: I really enjoy this modpack and would like to help it grow and become a dominate force in the technic world.

    What would you bring to the table as a staff member?: Me being 18 I can still effectively relate to the younger players all while remaining level-headed and mature. Being the previous owner of a server the hardest part is keeping the players happy, most of which are young kids between the ages of 13-16, and I know I can do that.

    Have you ever worked on another server?: Yes I hosted a tekkit server about a year and a half ago.

    If you have worked on another server, what position was it?: I was the owner of the aforementioned server. We grew to an average of 90-100 people online at any given time and grossed $5,400 in total donations. Unfortunately, due to the server conflicting with my studies I had to give control of the server to a close friend who slacked off and lost most of our player base. After that we were not drawing in enough money and decided to shut it down while we were ahead.

    A player is acting up on the server, and being rude to you, how would you handle this situation?: First I would ask them to cease whatever unacceptable behavior they were displaying to get my attention. If the problem persists, threaten with minor repercussions. If the player is still not following the rules depending on the offense either a mute or temp ban.

    Thank you again for reviewing my application. If you would like anymore information please feel free to contact me.

  • Administrator


    Thanks for your Application.
    I am very impressed.

    Can you say me in which country do you live.
    And can you even speak / write a different language than english?

    BR Lecki

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  • @Lecki I live in the United States. Unfortunately, I am not fluent in any language other than English.

  • Administrator

    @rocknote Not a problem for me :)

    English is the language that is mostly spoken throughout our servers so ;)

    @Lecki you shall give him a trail!

    ~ Bent

  • @Bent I’m not quite sure what giving me a “trail” is, but I’m sure it’s it a good thing!

  • Administrator

    @rocknote “Test-Period” aka. get you in the team and see how you do. That’s the best to get someone to know ;)

    I’ll reach out to the other team members so we don’t have to make you wait any longer :)

    ~ Bent

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    @Bent said in Rocknote's Staff Application:

    @Lecki you shall give him a trail!

    Absolute @Bent

    Hello Dylan,
    Congratulations you were accepted as candidate to suport the server as a moderator!

    ~ Lecki

    And now I have to go to bed (in my timezone it’s midnight)

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  • Administrator

    Trial would’ve been the word you’re looking for.
    trail means “weg”/“spur” :D