Another Idea ;) Here we go again

  • I know ranks mean absolutely nothing on a vanilla server, but yet again they’re used to “show of” your achievements ingame!
    As of now I only know of Rookie and Survivor rank but I thought it could be cool to add some different ones.
    So here is my idea - Not fully thought through but anyways

    It would be cool to be able to earn ranks through in game achievements or milestones fx:

    Achiever: Complete all achievements quests in minecraft
    Grinder: Reach xp level 100 / 150
    Miner: Mine fx: 200k blocks
    Doomed / Mortal: Over 100 deaths

    How you would be able to prove that you’ve actually completed the “challenges” creates a different problem that i haven’t thought about - maybe screenshots or playerdata?
    But as i said: It’s only an idea!! So feel free to give suggestions + pros and cons about it :D

    Later boys and girls

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    @imDray sounds like a very nice idea!

    We will look into this and see how we can realize something like this “the easy way”. If you have any plugin suggestions on that, let me know. Ranks are done via PermissionsEX by the way.

    Best regards


  • Hi @Bent, glad to hear you like the idea!
    As my knowledge regarding plugins is minimal, I don’t really know too many plugins that could make this “the easy way”
    But I came across this one plugin called “AutoRank” :D It’s compatible with Spigot and seems to be really customisable - Only downside is that i don’t think it has been updated to 1.10 ;(

    Here is a link if you want to check it out (As I really don’t know much about that stuff)

    • Dray

    Ps. I’ll keep on looking

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    Yes this looks good. Updates which run on Minecraft 1.9 will also run on Minecraft 1.10 as the changes between these Minecraft versions have been very little.

    I will run this on a testserver and setup the parameters.

    If you like, you could continue your lost of ranks as I really like the names you had. You could also use a “online-time” aspect to be ranked up.

    Apart from the ranks you have already written:

    Achiever: Complete all achievements quests in minecraft
    Grinder: Reach xp level 100 / 150
    Miner: Mine fx: 200k blocks
    Doomed / Mortal: Over 100 deaths

    there shall also be some ranks achievable by simply playing on the server. The ranks stated above could be considered as “special-ranks”.

    One problem which came into my mind is that if you can only have one rank, which of the above would have higher priority? A hierarchy of ranks is also very important.

    ~ Bent

  • Sweet! that sounds good! I’ll make a list of special ranks in the order where i’ve prioritized the hierarchy and make a small list consisting of around 6 ranks for “online-time” (normal ranks)
    Just give me a little time and it should be done!

    @Bent Here is my idea for the different ranks: This can of course be altered to fit your liking

    Special ranks:
    Achiever: Complete all Achievements
    Explorer: Walk 1500km
    Reaper: 100.000 Mob kills
    Miner: 200.000 blocks mined
    Grinder: 150 lvls
    Mortal - over 100 deaths

    Playtime ranks:
    Rookie: Joins the game
    Stranded: 2 Hours
    Survivor: 12 Hours
    Settler: 36 hours
    Warrior: 72 hours
    Noble: 108 hours
    Emperor: 150 hours

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    I really like them :)

    Reaper: 100.000 Mob kills <-- Have you actually ever killed that many mobs on one server 0.o * afraid *

  • @Bent now that you mention it maybe that number is a bit high (100k)
    But the scary thing is that i’ve actually done that on a multiplayer server before

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    @imDray Just as a short info, all your suggestions are not forgotten. As stated in the latests announcement a big server update is coming next month :)