Can you kill someone in their claimed area?

  • Just curious if its possible to kill someone if the area is claimed.

    I only ask because I was killed in my house, which is claimed, so I wasn’t sure if this is normal or something was possibly messed up?

  • Administrator

    Hey @xPapoose

    This is taken directly from GriefPreventions config file that is currently in use on the server:

        - world
        - DIM-37
        - DIM-38
        - DIM-39
        - DIM-42
        - DIM1
        - DIM-1
        ProtectFreshSpawns: true
        PunishLogout: false
        CombatTimeoutSeconds: 5
        AllowCombatItemDrop: true
        BlockedSlashCommands: /home;/vanish;/spawn;/tpa
          PlayerOwnedClaims: true
          AdministrativeClaims: true
          AdministrativeSubdivisions: true

    As you can see players are protected against pvp in claims which they own but they are not protected against someone dumping lava outside of your claim / using flint and steel outside your claim. So if you run into fire some other player has lit outside your claim and run into your claim right after, you can still die on your claimed land.

    Please let us know more details about the incident, like what killed you and make sure that you own the claim.

    Bet regards


  • My area is claimed I double checked with a stick and it says its claimed (by me). I can’t remember who it was who did it and I’m not sure what weapon they used because they were morphed into a pig at the time. All I know is it shot red little beams and the chat said I burst into flames or something along those lines.

    I know that’s not much help. The guy only did it once , said he was sorry then left. So I’m not sure if it was intentional or not but I just wanted to double check to see if everything was working properly. If something else like these happens again I’ll make sure to remember the name.

    Thank you for your help and quick reply! :)

  • Novus

    Papoose, you were killed by accident ( I think) in your claimed area with a flamethrower. It can be used like that.

  • Administrator

    @tmax_hand is right on this. Unfortunately there is no way of preventing something like this except for banning such weapons.

    But we think that a server shall not ban too much and should respect players as players shall respect others.

    ~ Bent

  • Novus

    Plus I love my flamethrower.

  • Administrator

    @tmax_hand :D as long as you and others are not doing bad stuff with it, I feel okay with leaving it usable in all worlds :)




  • Greenhorn

    @Bent I also have a flame thrower but its in my me system should I get rid of it? if so Is there any other items I should know about? (Mining Laser) P.S. Xi0ran told me.