Player who was trusted, then double crossed and nearly stole all our stuff.

  • Novus

    I am Tmax_hand in game and I had trusted endercreeper721 on my claim and ThatguyWDS had trusted him on his. We (Being I, OnePunchRiley, and Kizza1993) found out endercreeper had stolen some of our wind turbines and also a couple other machines and odds and ends. We tracked him to his base where we demanded he give us back our things. we had a little battle, and the person who he dragged into this gave us back our things and we left. I’ll admit I swore some, and the battle lasted for about 5 minutes, but we needed them back. We got them back and I am writing this post just to make everyone aware it’s probably NOT a good idea to trust endercreeper721, he griefed OnePunchRiley’s spell altar as well as stole our items and I find it unwise to trust him. Just so people don’t get their stuff stolen.

  • Administrator

    Okay, thank you for this information.

    Keep in mind if you trust someone on your claim, you are responsible for his actions.

    Best regards


  • Novus

    OK I’ll remember that, but I’m also saying I wouldn’t recommend trusting this player because he managed to mess up our base to where we are still trying to fix his junk. I would like other players not to make the same mistake I did. (Also I think he changed his name to wolf bandit.)