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    Hey there I hope you are having a nice sunday,

    Today we opened the Custom Server zone in our forums. So what’s this for? Everbody is free to advertise his / her Modpack and / or server in there. We hope to help you gain some more publicity for your creations with that. Aside from that, this is our next step to become more of an open gaming network where everyone can participate. Heh and for the creative ones out there, we will reward the best posts!

    The best running modpack on our network currently is “Steve’s Adventure Craft”. This modpack is all about exploring the world as “Steve” and surviving nature, all this comes paired with a careful selection of tech and magic mods.

    The modpack has been called “Steve’s Adventure Pack” before but that one has unfortunately been deleted by the Technic Platform. The reason for this is completely unknown to us, but we got a replacement pack up and running within a few hours. If you still use “Steve’s Adventure Pack” to join the server, make sure to update to the replacement pack, because the old one will not be updated anymore / will be incompatible with the server soon. When getting the new pack, make sure to migrate your maps waypoints and singleplayer maps to the new one.

    Another great project is our “Pure Vanilla” server, which has just recently received an update to Minecraft 1.10. Additionally to that we finally added GriefPrevention and do our best to manage the server now. The “Pure Vanilla” project just started as an experiment months ago but the overwhelming support of the community motivated us to take that project to the next level. We are looking forward to a growing community and have some nice plans to make the server even more interesting in the future. If you are playing on the server and want us to help out, make sure to apply for a position as a staff member.

    Our ticket system has received a small update and you can now open general tickets if you encounter technical issues with our services. Before opening a new ticket, make sure that the issue is not on your side (our experience has shown that a complete reboot of your computer and modem solves most issues already). If you encounter an issue with a specific modpack which we (Unitedworldminers) did not create and only host, please contact the modpack author with your regards, not us.

    Using our ticket system helps us to respond to your messages faster.

    Small changes:

    • Drop a Youtube link into a post and it will get embedded auto-magically

    So what’s next?

    • Some small updates / changes to our website
    • Forum update
    • Update to “Pure Vanilla”
    • Upcoming newsletter subscription service (if you want to be notified when something new is coming)
    • Some changes behind the shades which you’ll not see but you might notice in overall better performance
    • Even more modpacks and servers are coming up

    I’ll do my best to continue this series every Sunday to inform you about what’s currently going on. If you don’t want to miss any news, we highly recommend signing up for our forums.

    Cheers, have a nice Sunday


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