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    This section can be used to advertise your modpack. Please make sure to follow these rules:


    • Your post’s title must contain your modpack’s/server’s name.


    • Your post must contain:
      • a description of your modpack,
      • a link to get your modpack from, and
      • at least one relevent screenshot


    • Please put tags in the “tags” area below your post where it says “Enter tags here, between 3 and 20 characters each”. You can put up to 8 tags.
      • Some ideas for tags include: Server, 1.7.10, Tech, Adventure, Magic, etc…

    Servers or modpacks with built-in servers

    • If you advertise your server here, additionally to the information above, you must include:
      • The tag: Server
      • The server’s IP (+ port if needed) / Domain (if SRV record is used) in the description


    • Be creative, make your post stand out! (not a must but highly recommended - we will reward good posts)
    • Include your pack’s logo at the top of your post if possible to make your post more interesting
    • Use Emojis to compliment your description where relevent.
    • Avoid having a short description (a couple of lines is considered short) as it looks lazily done