Problem with respawning after dying (Vanilla server)

  • There seems to be a small bug on the vanilla server when trying to respawn after you’ve died…
    Instead of spawning next to your bed ( which I’ve and other people have slept in to set spawnpoint) you’re teleported back to spawn…

    This “thing” has happend to me (imDray), BlackHolePVP and 678chase - maybe others i’m not aware of :/

    Edit: Apparently some people instantly suffocate in a wall when joining the game and die --> ending up at spawn ^^

    Later !

    • Dray
  • Administrator

    @imDray Hey there,

    the issues should have been resolved. please get back to your original location.

    Let me know if it works!

    Best regards


  • @Bent Hi again,
    The problem when joining the game seems be have been fixed ;)


    Beds still don’t set your spawnpoint after sleeping in them, so when you die you end still end up at spawn :(

    Me thinking out loud: Can i have something to do with the /sethome command (plugin) that interferes with it
    Have a nice day and thanks

    • Dray

  • Does this mean that we get our stuff back because i lost mine to world border?

  • Administrator

    Hey @678chase,

    I am sorry but the efforts for giving everyone his things back is way too high. It would take us longer checking everyones claims and giving it back, than people getting their things back themselves. The problem is that if we claim giving things back everybody will come to us and demand things which ends in chaos. I hope you can understand this.

    I apologize again for the inconvenience involved in this and we do our best to avoid something like this to ever happen again.

    Best regards