littlepug_4fun's Admin Application

  • Dear Bent/FlatronEZ

                 Hello, I (Noah) ign: Littlepug_4fun, would like to tell you why you should pick me to be **Admin** on your beloved server, here are some reasons why...

    I am 13 years old, and I am very responsible, I do not like admin abuse because it damages the population that is to come on a server, that is the reason why I will not abuse admin.

    i’ve had at the most 3 years of experience with commands, minecraft, E.T.C

    I really think I could make your server a better place for the other staff members, and for the players.

    Rules are always important, so, greifing is a result of a 5 day ban or a forever ban depending on damage. ban forever if hacking, ban or ill tell you if there is any abuse, and no nasty words or sexism, racism E.T.C


  • Administrator

    Hey @littlepug_4fun,

    thank you for your application and thank you for being honest about your age.
    Not wanting to be rude I have to say that you are too young for such a position. We had several issues with people around your age on our servers in the past four years which made us more careful about higher privileged ranks.

    I am sorry for denying your application and wish you the best for your future.

    If there is anything else, let us know.