• Hello, my name’s Iskiox–or at least that’s my IGN–and I’m here to tell you why I could be a good addition to your staff team. Well first off I’m 15–if age matters–and I’ve been playing minecraft for approximately 4 years, and modded minecraft for about 2 years. I’m capable of building both practical and aesthetically pleasing designs, and I like to think I’m a team worker. Since we’re on the subject of building and team work; Me and several others have actually been working on a mars project in your Modern Millenaire server; we’ve managed to assemble two large buildings which include: A sealed crew quarters, production area, garage, and storage. Along with that We’ve got a decent Millenaire village going down.

    I speak American English and understand and can speak a little Spanish; however don’t count on me as a fluent translator. As a conclusion I’d just like to state that I really enjoy playing on this server and believe that I could make an excellent admin to help organize, assist, and monitor to keep the server a fun and enjoyable place to build and create awesome things. If you do decide to accept me I will extremely thankful.


    • Mr.Iskiox
  • Administrator

    Hey @Iskiox,

    your application is appealing and I’d like to take you to our closer selection.

    One question I have is, how long have you been playing on the Modern Millenaire server and what would you change to make the server better.

    Best regards


  • My apologies for such a late response, things IRL have prevented me from playing minecraft or checking this forums as of lately; I understand as well if I’m no longer applicable to be an admin, though I should be active from this point on. To answer you’re first question I’ve been playing for approximately two months give or take, and secondly, one way I think the server could be made better would be to implement something along the lines of a spawn where a tutorial like setup could be made so that everything isn’t as overwhelming at first. Again, my apologies for the near month long late response.


    • Mr.Iskiox