• Time: a lot (in the morning the most)
    Minecraft name: Nokori
    Why: I want to be staff because I like the server and want to help the server grow.
    Have I worked elsewere: No I havent.
    What if: If a player I beeing rude I will first try to calm him down.
    If he doesnt calm dowl I will give him 3 warnings bafore I kick or mute him.
    If that fails I will have to bann him.

  • Also I didn’t write this as like a text and/or a sentence because I like to just cut to the case.

  • Due to a lack of response here I will now point out a few more reasons for why I wish to be staff.
    First of all did I not see any staff members in the last week exept for alex who was also online like 2 times causing a terrible lack of staff members in atleast the time in wich I am online.
    Also I am german and can help with german people who might have problems and/or cause trouble.
    Most of the time (before I bacame a vampire) when a new person joined I gave them a free iron capped wand and a Thaumoticon and helped them survive at night and defend them from mobs.
    Another reason is that I live in germany an am online before most of the other staff members making it possible for me to be on the server at an early time making me able to help people at that time when no other staff members are online.