• The Spawn Claim auto booted me when I rode my horse through it and now my horse is trapped in it. The horse has my only saddle and I lost all my leads trying to get the horse out. I also can not bunce it or ride it or interact in any way. Can somebody help me get my horse back and get me my slime back? Since slime does not spawn near me it would take me a whole day of grinding to get back what I lost.
    Thank you for your time and please have a nice day.

    Edit: Buckets, fishing poles, pushing, food, and nothing else can move the horse and now I am trapped in a pit at spawn and I cant dig out and when I use /trapped it tells me to save myself.
    Can somebody just TP me and the horse out of spawn?

  • I got unstuck.
    However I lost a second horse due to it being stuck on claims.