Server/Mod/Resource pack suggestions

  • Mods: I would definitely like to see MineFactory Reloaded, openBlocks (exp has to go somewhere), also open to other suggestions.

    Resource Pack: definitely needs tinkers added to it, weapons and ores look to bland for the Sphax pack, ive been playing Attack of the B-Team with its sphax pack and the weapons look awesome with it.

    server: obviously the server is very laggy and crashes a lot, maybe try to system where it goes through and clears item entities (fallen/dropped items) so that lag spikes don’t happen so often, also we could have a vote thing where people who vote gain money for there “town” and as well as, bringing me in o my last suggestion, a shop or market of some kind where people can sell and buy items for money as well.

    that’s all I have for now ;)