TheBowTieMan's Helper Staff Application

  • Age: just turned 17
    Yes I Have TeamSpeak (just downloaded [I think])
    Yes I have skype.
    Been on the server for about 2 weeks or so but I love the mudpack and the server is really awesome.
    In Game Name: TheBowTieMan
    Reason: id like to see what I could bring a lot to the server cause I’m very idealistic and I like to come up with new ideas.
    What kind of help: Iknow a lot about some of the mods in the pack so I can help anyone who has questions about the pack. And I have been told I handle situations pretty well. Also I’m abit of a computer nerd so I can help with that too. Also I’m a (Small but growing) youtuber and can promote the pack and server.
    Never worked on a server before this would be my fist time.
    If a player is acting up, I will start by trying to solve the situation in a clam way, if it goes any further I would start by kicking the player and any further problems when lead up to a short ban.