• We made a whole new spawn now containing a forge with enchantment table and a jump n’ run. Rulebook and additional plugins following. Feel free to share your opinion in the feedback section!

  • Today I logged on and discovered I lost the ability to use any commands e.g. /help /msg ect. Along with this, I lost my title, which was “Adventurer” I was rather fond of this title.
    If it is possible to fix this I would really appreciate it.

    Thanks for the amazing servers.

    Also, what is the “Bronze 3 path”?

  • Hey GreenMage,
    we reworked the whole ranking system.
    The new one relies on playtime. If you type “/ar check” in the chat, you’ll see the time you already played on the server. Based on that you will rank up. For example if you spawn, you are Bronze 1 (one red plus) then it takes 5 minutes to rank in to Bronze 2 (two red pluses). From Bronze 2 it takes 10 minutes to Bronze 3 and so on. A detailed Forum thread will follow.
    The reason why you can’t use commands at the moment is caused by the permissions.config wich ist not finished yet.
    We hope you like the new system and if you want we can add some playtime to your account to compensate the missing time ;)

  • Ok, thanks.
    Will it be possible to get my title back?
    As I said before I am really fond of my title which is no longer showing up next to my name. I would really appreciate it if player GreenMage2 could re-receive title “Adventurer”

    Thanks for the amazing servers.

  • @GreenMage2 said in Status 15.03.17:

    Hey, I’m very sorry for not answerig. I’ve read this post some time ago and then simply forgot about it.

    The problem is, that we changed the whole system and deleted every rank that existed before. We are heading now in a complete different direction and I see no posibility to give you that rank.
    Now to the good part: We as a team really apreciate your ontime and we would love to give you something back. So we decided to offer you the Supporter rank. Of course you have to be willing to help us and other Players. I hope this will help you to overlook the loss you had to receive. Of course you have to write a small application that we can learn a little bit about you but thats one of the minor things.

    If you agree to our offer, we hope to see your application soon :)

    Leo / d00mfish

  • Okay, thank you for that information. I would be happy to fill out a application. If you can give me a link to it I can try to fill it in next time I have access to internet. I really appreciate the great servers and the accommodating staff.
    Any news on when commands will be working again?

  • @GreenMage2There is no mask you can fill out. Just post a Thread in the application section and write something about yourself and so on.

  • Ok, thanks for the help.