• could you tell me how we go about reporting a moderator plz ?

  • Give the IGN and explain what happened

  • alexharri21 and basicly behavior un becomeing of a mod talking about giveing drugs to his daughter and then about masturbateing

  • @danielbridger I was talking about what I just did in game and that my daughter from MCA Denied the drugs and I wasn’t talking to anyone else other than the people in my current skype call, And the masturbating thing was also for the same reason we were talking about things and since I don’t have a microphone my only way of communication is through typing. Sorry for disturbing you.

  • bearing in mind swearing is a bannable offence i just thought that that such vulgar talk should be reported esp when it involved a moderator

  • @danielbridger It wasn’t swearing or profanity, I was simply joining into a convestation with my friends. It’s a mute not a ban.

  • well to be perfectly honest with you your behavior and attitude has made me rethink using this server because you’re spoiling it for many ppl with bullying and harassing behavior and i feel you should have never been made a moderator

  • Daniel, I think your over reacting a bit, sure alex shouldn’t be talking about things like that on the server, but claiming he shouldn’t be a staff member is a bit much. I can see where you are coming from, but this honestly isn’t that bad, most places you go to on the internet has this kind of “profanity”. But instead of reporting A staff member for talk of something you don’t like, try asking them not to talk like that next time, and if that doesn’t work, then you should report them.

  • i was just stating an opinion that i believe he was abusing his position

  • @danielbridger Daniel, “Staff abuse” Is a concept that people use for when a staff member is using his powers for what others can’t. Me joining into a conversation with my friends isn’t staff abuse neither profanity.

  • @danielbridger You weren’t stating an opinion at all. You where trying to report him.

  • yes i was reporting the fact that in my opinion… what he was doing was hypocritical and an abuse of his position as a moderator and this is still my opinion but after seeing the attitude of some of the moderators i have given up reporting what i see as breaches because i have felt hounded and attacked ever since so i have told Alex that i will be muting any1 that i deem offencive or abusive which i am well within my right to do and if this progresses any further i will be leaving the server which would be a shame because i have found a few vary nice and entertaining ppl

  • @danielbridger I’m sorry that you fell that it is “abusive”, but there is nothing I can do, as it wasn’t abusive at all. Thank you, and have a nice day!

    ~ Sorin

  • me and my friend want to play this pack together on the server but they need a 2gb RAM and it won’t let them play, is there a way to bypass this???

  • @Monsterjj15 why not start a singleplayer LAN and play locally?

  • well for some reason i can never get my lan servers to work and they can’t play he mod unless they have 2gb and they don’t

  • so i was wondering if there was a way to bypass the “you need 2gb to play this pack” rule.

  • and if you know how to make my lan servers work i would like to know too cause that would make my day 100% better.

  • CraftMiner

    @Monsterjj15 said:

    so i was wondering if there was a way to bypass the “you need 2gb to play this pack” rule.

    Pack authors commonly put in minimum requirements to help prevent issues, not make them. It’s likely that the pack would crash during launch, or be very laggy and/or unstable with less than the minimum requirements. You can bypass the rule but as an experienced mod, plugin and modpack developer myself, I’m not going to tell you how as you will just run into a lot of horrible issues that’ll ruin your experience that we can’t help you with - I’m talking like severe lag spikes where your game ends up freezing briefly every few seconds, terrible FPS, the pack not even fully starting up without crashing, random crashes whilst playing due to out of memory errors, etc…

    Instead of trying to bypass the minimum requirements, meet them instead. It sounds like you’re using 32bit Java on a 64bit machine, which is a very common mistake for people who use a 32bit web browser and just get the “recommended” java download from the java homepage.

    You can use this link to get the latest 64bit Java, regardless of what web browser you use. Make sure you uninstall all versions of Java on your PC first, and then get the latest 64bit Java with this link. You want “Windows Offline (64-bit)” for Windows, “Linux x64” for Linux. It’ll fix your problem and you’ll be able to allocate 2GB+ of memory to the pack and therefore meet the requirements.

  • ok, Thankyou for your help :)