JoshDaProGaming's Staff Application

  • How much time can you dedicate to the server? I can dedicate 15 hours on week days and 10 to 15 on weekends
    My Minecraft Username: JoshDaProGaming
    Age: 14
    Name: Joshua James Willmington
    Why?: TO help other players and staff
    What do I bring to the table?: I bring reasonableness and a willingness to listen to both sides of a story
    Have I worked on a server?: Well kind of, on one server i was helping an admin, but never myself
    How would i handle a bad player?: Give them a warning, they continue, mute them. If i am to unmute them and they continue the rudeness I ban them.

  • You seem like you could be a good choice, I will talk to Genex, see what he thinks.