WooglyCraftPlayz' Application For Staff

  • Retarded MC Name: WooglyCraftPlayz

    Age: 15

    Gay As* Name: Andrew Park

    Why do you want staff?

    The server is in beta right now and I want to help. I’ve been helping to build the shop and the AM2 area but it got deleted so AlexHarrari made a new one. I’d like to build also I’m good to new people sometimes and I’m kind of a comedian.

    What would you bring to the table as a staff member?:

    I’ll help out retar… egghmm people if they dont know how to do anything or need help with commands or just little things like mods and if somethings going wrong. I know lots of knowledge for these mods and ferraris no ferrari im kidding (i wish).

    Have you ever WORKED on another server?:

    Yes I have made the spawns and build also most modpacks I’ve been able to be succesful but I quit most servers because they came down because of no donations. But since this server is pretty popular I can hope that this server will turn out great.

    If you have WORKED on another server, what position was it?:

    I’ve been mods and admin on 1.8 servers like WoodyCraft, Creativefun and other retards who made servers like that (not you guys).

    A player is acting up on the server, and being rude to you, how would you handle this situation?:

    I would say “Please stop it is annoying people and be respectful to other players.” If they don’t stop I’ll give the retar… egghmm person 3 warnings if they lose all 3 warning they get a mute. If worse temp ban. If it was a rule they broke that would make it miserable I would ban them forever.


    I like pie.

  • So funny! Not.

  • You are actually trying 2 be a helper and you. Speak like that and tries 2 be funny… bruh

  • No i didnt act like a comedian dumbass

  • Seeing that you reply to people’s comments with ad hominems shows you are immature. And you also refereed to metaphorical people as mentally challenged. I’m gonna say no here.