• -[Steve’s Adventure craft Staff Application] -

    How much time can you dedicate to the server?:
    I can dedicate a few hours or more a night for sure, more depending on workload irl.

    Minecraft Username:



    Why do you want to be staff?:
    One of my favorite things to do on MC is build, I often help people build their homes on different servers (those servers died out unfortunately).

    What would you bring to the table as a staff member?:
    Building skills, I’m also familiar with a few of the technology and farming mods.
    Have you ever worked on another server?:**
    I’ve never worked on a server, they usually have enough staff when I’m playing.

    If you have worked on another server, what position was it?:

    A player is acting up on the server, and being rude to you, how would you handle this situation?:
    Ask them to stop bothering me; if an admin/mod is on and the offender is still bothering me, tell them. If the situation escalates I’d probably report them. I don’t like to go that far, but if someone is willing to harrass me, I don’t doubt they’d do it to someone else.

    Thanks for you consideration!

  • You seem very mature, and well rounded. I will talk to genex soon, and see what he thinks, from what I have read in this app, you seem like a good choice for the server.