Misuse of the abbreviation R.I.P to express anger about Server Lags [Solved]

  • Novus

    So I would like to discuss a topic that is kind of important to me. We all know that the alpha Server has some lags from time to time. There are many Users who want to give a comment on those lags and they do it by writing R.I.P. They say that they can not write lag or something like that so someone started to write R.I.P and now everyone followed that person. Whenever the Server encounters a minor Lag the Chat gets spammed with R.I.P in various ways of writing and spelling.

    Personally I think that it is neither humorous nor helpful to wrote something like that. I think most people who know the real mining of this abbreviation can say that it is very disrespectful. There are more Users who think like that like @ImFrostezz . He even got insulted by some users by defending the abbreviations meaning and telling them to stop writing it.

    I just want to know what you think about the topic and what we could do in this concern.

    Thanks for reading!

  • Novus

    @JoshDeChamp I don’t really see how you take offense to people saying RIP. Really, do you think they are going to ban people saying RIP? Yes, we ALL know it means rest in peace, and please explain how you take offense to that. and PLEASE don’t say its because you’ve had a death in your family. So have I, but that doesn’t mean you need to take offense when people say it. Its annoying that they spam chat with it, yes, its also not helpful like you said, but if I were one of the admins this would not be a concern of mine. @ImFrostezz should also realize that while he can ASK them to stop saying it, he cant really tell them to quit. Its not even really spamming. Spamming is when 1 person repeatedly says something, say 15 times. If 15 people say it once, technically that’s not really spam. If you are getting angry about it being spam, I can understand that. Other than that, I believe this isn’t a problem.

  • Hey. We, the Admins, agree with you that we can’t tolerant the RIP spelling for leg. So we decided to mute these people.