[Rejected][Ban Appeal] nazarr29

  • Im asked to get unbanned on the Modern Millenaire not on Steve’s Adventure
    Because i griefed someone house when it wasn’t claimed and i got banned GG i just want continue playing.

  • Administrator

    Hello @nazarr29,

    raiding anyone is not a good practice at any time. Though if his house was unprotected we might look into this case.

    Who has banned you, when and what proof do you have, that you have not griefed a protected claim?

    Best regards


  • What do you mean by “I griefed someone house when it wasn’t claimed”?
    You haven’t just griefed “someone” 's house, but you griefed mine, and budgettiger237’s house, which BOTH of them were CLAIMED. Now I would like to show GodMatthewKiller’s pictures which i took as reference to show that why LaPoisseGamer should stay banned.



    @Bent , If you are still not convinced, please go and check out this thread, which he again requested to be unbanned yesterday. Please read every single post in that thread.
    Thank you,


  • Do you understand that im talking about Modern Millenaire! And no i don’t remember what admin banned me because i played on the server for only 1 day and the base was unclaimed i can’t prove but i think the guy reported me and i’ve been banned maybe you’ll find the report? and look at his base i think his base is now claimed or not but anyway i have a waypoint there if i get unbanned i can show you it.

  • Fine then, if his base was claimed what about mine?
    Mine was claimed, can you explain that?

  • Your talking about Steve’s Adventure im talking about something eles.

  • Administrator

    @nazarr29 What is your ingame name on Modern Millenaire?

  • And also, I care a lot about this community and modpack. But we can not have players like you running around and destroying everything in their way. I do not want them to lose their progression and happiness in this modpack. The fact that you destroyed my home almost made me quit the modpack. But thanks to my friends, they helped me. And I do not betray my friends by stabbing them in the back and throwing them down the bus just like you do.

  • LaPoisseGamer,And Xecorr you wern’t my friend.

  • You were a friend to me. I helped you and you know that, but you do not want to accept the truth, which is your decision and not mine, I respect that. But what you’re doing is just wrong.

  • Well you destroyed our base i don’t know how to prove that but our base was destroyed and i rebuilded it!

  • I did not destroy your base.

  • For real i want to make an application to help the server and tell all of the dupes that i know and glitching and destroying and killing and other but things change. btw i did wanted to tell it but i got banned RIP

  • Of course you were going to tell it after trying that “glitch” on my base and budgettiget237’s base.

  • Sorry for my english i just know a lot of languages [Russian/Hebrew/English/German/Spanish/Ukrainian]

    And that glitch i didn’t know because someone talled me it and i tried it.

  • Whatever you are going to do on that other modpack, please just don’t do chaos. Just like you have done on this modpack.

    Good Luck and have fun!


  • First of all, nice that you know a lot of languages…
    Second of all, Russian is Ukrainian. I know Russian too.

  • And I have been to both countries. They speak Russian.

  • No problem.
    I’ll just play and survive and help players.

    Good luck you too and have fun! =)

    Привет? =)


  • Nice.
    Good luck!
    Dasvidanie (I do not have a Russian keyboard unfortunately.)