Drakkos abusing [Closed]

  • So today I was searching the world for dungeons to loot when I come across drakkos and he kills me once or twice and then I disarm him after he has killed me a few times and look at his sword, You can’t tell me this isn’t abuse! Then he took away my disarm spell as he didn’t see me take it because I wasn’t even close my friend picked it up and gave it to me which I placed it in my backpack so I could get a screenshot. Over 74 Damage and X Enchants this is abusing GMC And I think this deserves a demotion for killing with a GOD Item that he clearly made in creative or abused his powers.


  • I am looking into this issue, he will be punished for what he has done. Thank you for reporting.

  • Drakkos42 is no longer a staff member, and I am sorry that you had to go through this abuse, my deepest apologies.

  • Yeah it’s no problem, Thanks for sorting the situation out.