@LilAkii said in Tutorial: How to make a Technic Modpack:

Hey magic i tryed to do one but the mods doesnt get loded i did all the steps and idk whats the problem

So a common problem I may have is the files are not in the root directory of the ZIP folder. For example, if the modpack is tutorialmodpack.zip, the bin and mods folder should be directly in that tutorialmodpack.zip folder.

Another issue can be the Technic upload. Technic may take from 1 to 60 min to fully process your modpack submission, download link update, or revision edit. When I made this video, I had to wait about 20 or so min before the system fully updated my modpack.

A third issue could be that you need to restart your Technic launcher to apply the updates.

Without knowing more of where the problem is, I can’t really help. Giving info like what happened when you tried to make the modpack, load it in the launcher, etc.