Dear Steve’s Adventure Pack community,

my name is Bent, I am the CTO of Unitedworldminers.

Yesterday we noticed abnormal high disk I/O load on the Linux server on which the Steve’s Adventure Pack server is running. As we always work hard to provide our users with the best possible performance, we tracked down the issue and found out that the Towny plugin on this server led to this issue.

Towny was configured to use the disks of our server for it’s database. This is no issue for small servers, but the community here is really large and the admins might not have configured this while setting up towny.
To remove the high I/O load, we set Towny up to use our database server which worked without any issues (in our testing).

About 16 hours later we got a message that a Town on the server is completely griefed and thought that the issue was our (the Unitedworldminers team’s) fault.

So we started restoring some backups and found that the city has been destroyed for about 10 days already. While we were working on the server we had to restart it multiple times, which led to some inconvenience which we sincerely apologize for.

We reverted the server back to it’s original state before starting our work.

In conclusion we can say that the issue was neither produced by us nor will we put our hands on this again as the server admin @soringaming has to look into the issues you send him here

Best regards

the Unitedworldminers team