How much time can you dedicate to the server?: I can dedicate 15 hours a day Minecraft Username: My Minecraft Name is SickeningTrout Age: i am 19 Years of age Name(optional): My name is Alexander Evans Country / Timezone (optional): My Timezone is Eastern Time - Michigan Why do you want to be staff?: I want to be staff Because so i can help other players i helping New Players when they need help I will help when i can. What would you bring to the table as a staff member?: i would Bring building skills i have Staff Experience Have you ever worked on another server?: i worked on many servers before tekkit classics servers tekkit reborn servers normal Minecraft Servers If you have worked on another server, what position was it?: I wokred as Admin, Builder, Helper, Mod A player is acting up on the server, and being rude to you, how would you handle this situation?:Talk to the player and ask why he is being rude and try to fix it