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Hello dear dev team and Bent,
The users left because of the anarchy that begun, when the antigriefplugin was removed. Everybody stole and the people who not recognised it, got griefed soooo hard, that they left. Me included.
I just went on this game again for singleplayer. I thought, whats with the server… and i saw many players… so i went back on.
You did a great job with adding the claimingsystem into the server, so everybody can claim now.
Still a big thanks to you and a good weekend. :military_medal: :military_medal: :military_medal: :military_medal: :military_medal: :military_medal: :military_medal: :military_medal: :military_medal:
Greetings from

@tmax_hand @SteelminerHD

Yes you are correct, the switch was pretty rough and I see that as a fault on our side. We should have decided first what exactly should have been our target and we should have added FTBUtilities before removing GriefPrevention.