If you found a bug on Unitedworldminers services, websites, modpacks, Minecraft servers etc. you can post it here. Please make sure to include all information requested below and provide as much information as possible (images, error messages, error logs, videos).

Check your bug-report regularly as we might request additional information.

Use one of the templates below to report your problem. Leave all fields blank that you don’t know.

Template for server crash / down: Server name || IP || Modpack: Time of the incident (leave empty if you don't know): Description of the crash (what happened / leave empty if you don't know): Additional information: Template for modpack bug report: Description of problem: Version-Release number of the service / modpack (if applicable): Server / Modpack where the issue arises (if applicable): Steps to Reproduce issue: 1. 2. 3. Actual results: Expected results: Crash-Report (if applicable): Additional info: Template for other issues: Short description of the problem: Where did this problem occur (service, link, modpack name, server ip | name etc.): How can the issue be reproduced: Time of the issue: