Invulnerable Baby Zombies in my house.

  • I recently got around to setting up the mob spawner in the basement of the Fallen Guild house and I was farming EXP when a baby zombie came through the mob grinder. I tried to kill it but I died despite having full Iron gear, all enchanted except for the sword. Then I came back and tried to kill them again and died without killing it. I lost a lot of gear and I was unable to kill the baby zombie. I think it might be glitched and I can not safely use the lower floors of the guild house until this is fixed nor retrieve the large amount of gear that I lost trying to kill the baby zombie.
    Any ideas how I can resolve this?

  • I waited 24 real life hours and the zeds are still there and they are still invulnerable.
    I have lost a lot of gear from trying to kill them.

  • Greenhorn

    It should be gone now

  • Thank you, what about the gear I lost, I am assuming it has de-spawned by now?
    Thank you again for the help. : )

  • Greenhorn

    I didn’t see anything lying around, unfortunetly

  • Okay, that means it is probably gone, I will spend today strip mining for supplies to replace what I lost. : (
    Thanks again for the help.