• Someone burned down and destroyed a bunch of communal buildings I built and some houses that where unclaimed.

  • I took some screenshots.
    0_1498728787345_2017-06-29_09.28.13.png 0_1498728796838_2017-06-29_09.28.17.png 0_1498728798761_2017-06-29_09.28.25.png 0_1498728801295_2017-06-29_09.29.02.png 0_1498728803017_2017-06-29_09.29.08.png 0_1498728804636_2017-06-29_09.29.45.png 0_1498728806875_2017-06-29_09.30.18.png 0_1498728808815_2017-06-29_09.31.08.png 0_1498728810461_2017-06-29_09.31.21.png 1_1498728814644_2017-06-29_09.31.34.png 0_1498728814644_2017-06-29_09.31.44.png

  • Novus

    Akii, It says it on the top in where he posted it, Home / Servers and Modpacks / Pure Vanilla (1.10.2) / Support / Greifing. (Sorry for filling this up with something useless just informing akii). Sadly i do not work in support for PV , Or i would help you. Sorry.

  • Hey, and thanks for reporting this Griefer!
    I have undone all of his actions and reworked the post office.
    If you encounter any further problems, feel free to report them.
    Leo / d00mfish :)

  • Thanks, I know that I am suppose to claim my land but I was trying to make stuff for the community to use; thanks for doing all the work you do : )


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