I want to help you! :D I want to Apply as a moderator

  • Hello there!

    My name is Luc im coming from switzerland also known Chocolate Country xD. Im 15 years old , I got a nice personality.
    Basically im here to apply as a Staff member because i think you all did a great job all the modpacks are very very Cool!
    and i want to help you to support the awesome community!
    If i will get one of your staff member i will support and do anything to help everyone and to help you that you dont have so much stress. I worked on many server as builder, Admin, Mod, Supporter etc… If someone would be not nice better to say rude i would say to him: “Please Stop with that its against the rules” and if he would not stop i would give him 1 more chance ,
    If he would not stop this time i would give him a mute or something else it
    It depends on what he has done… My name in minecraft is KuhlerAkitoo__ , also on the english ser Xi0ran(staff member) gave me the Helper rank , i can dedicate 2h per day but on thursday i can`t because i have much much much stuff to do… so that was all i hope i can get a staff member love you guys you did a great job your Luc ;D <3

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