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    Hello there adventurer,

    with this tutorial, we (Magic Gaming) would like to help you get into the game and solve most of the issues and questions which come up over and over again. We encourage every player to go through this thread regardless if you are a new or experienced player. So let’s start right away:

    Server Partnership!

    United World Miners (UWM) and Magic Gaming (MG), has teamed up to bring you the first US based server. UWM hosts the mudpack on Technic using Technic Solder and Magic Gaming hosts the server and mudpack development.

    What are the servers rules?

    First of all: Use common sense!

    1. No bug using
    2. No griefing (stealing) from others in the main world (the world where you go with /spawn)
    3. PVP / Raiding only worlds where PVP is enabled (not in the overworld where you get using /spawn)
    4. Don’t destroy other players buildings / creations
    5. Mining is only permitted in the mining world (farm)
    6. Don’t fool other players
    7. Don’t use hacks
    8. Don’t insult anyone
    9. Don’t spam the chat (also don’t CONSTANTLY USE CAPS)
      10 .Don’t spam “LAG!”,“lagg”,“it lags -.-” or similar
    10. Don’t use offensive skins or build offensive structures
    11. Be nice and keep the chat clean of anything inappropriate for minors
    12. Pay attention to the teams instructions

    Any disregard of these rules will be punished.

    How To Claim

    PVP and raiding / griefing is not allowed in the overworld (the world where you get using /spawn) not even if something there is unprotected.
    PVP and raiding are allowed in any other world

    The Following Items are Banned

    Graphical Glitches

    Most likely you have set the chunk loading mode in your video settings to Multi-Core. As this mode speeds up the rendering of chunks around you, it may cause severe graphical glitches and we recommend setting the chunk loading mode to Smooth which also is the best mode considering performance.

    To change this setting press Esc --> Options… --> Video Settings…


    The recommended version of Java to play this modpack is Java 8 64bit.
    Nothing else. You shall not use Java 7 or lower as these versions are already deprecated and highly vulnerable to hacks and viruses. If you have any Java version below Java 8 installed, please uninstall it.

    Here is The Page

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    Note: Re-doing most of PSEX. So this will be quickly outdated…